Installation of Platform Deck by Floatover method

In close collaboration with installation contractors, Hutchinson developed adapted technologies based on its experience in elastomer materials in order to control the load transfer from the barge to the jacket and guarantee the best stability during operation.

These technologies are utilized to absorb shocks; to limit the hammering onto the structures, to provide the defined stiffness between the jacket and the deck or between the barge and the deck. The technologies are customized for each project to accommodate special loads, displacements or particular environmental conditions.

Product and Services : LMU, DSU, Fender

More than 30 floatovers have been now successfully performed using Hutchinson technologies and products. Hutchinson projects include the hardware supply together with all the associated engineering, material and equipment testing, project management, from design to the equipment delivery. The close communication with client teams throughout the project execution is the key success factor for the project.