Module, Living Quarter Mounting

All metal mountings that provide isolation of structure borne vibration and noise whilst allowing structural flexibility and restraint as required. Suitable for fixed or floating offshore platforms.


  • Flexible elements, stainless steel cushions in type 316L material
  • Upper and lower fixing plates in structural steel to suit client’s project requirements
  • Structural steel is finish painted to offshore oil company standards
  • High dynamic load capacity
  • Built in mechanical safety stops

Principal Characteristics

  • Maximum sinusoidal input amplitude at resonance frequency : ± 0.3mm
  • Natural frequencies in the range of 10 to 15Hz to suit application
  • Operating temperature range: - 50°C to + 300°C
  • Load range up to 2000 tonnes per mount supplied to date
  • Impact loads up to 4g
  • Low profile 200mm height


Suspension of accommodation, laboratory or control rooms where structure borne vibration from the platform is required to be isolated
The mountings are purpose built to suit the application and the plan profile can be adjusted to suit the structural seating area available
Mountings can be designed to meet the requirements of adverse storm loading requirements.