Riser connection

Connection of steel risers

With increasing water depth, offshore production technology has developed steel risers as a reliable and cost effective method for seabed to surface floater connections for conveyance of fluids and gasses.

Steel risers have been developed in the shape of catenary (see SCR) to compensate for the floater motions. They can be attached to various floaters such as FPSOs, Semi’s, TLPs (see Subsea Connector), and even offloading buoys thanks to the flexible joints that dramatically increase their fatigue life.

A full range of capabilities

Since mid 90s, Hutchinson has been developing the technology of riser connections by means of elastomeric joints. This involved unique material development (see elastomer), reliable and proven design methodology. These product are highly engineered (see LEC) and involve technologies such as metal seals and a bellows. Technical developments enable flexible joints to be used for large rotation angles or high pressure high temperature fluids.

Flexible joints are now available for large diameter export lines and high pressure production or injection lines.

Thanks to the exceptional elastomer properties, flexible joints can be used to provide low stiffness connections whatever the riser tension or pressure.In order to connect the flexible joint to the structure Hutchinson also developed receptacles to be attached to the floater. The riser can be either lifted on the receptacle or pulled in (see tensioning system).

Reliability and Customer service

Over 40 risers have been connected thanks to Hutchinson flexible joints without a single failure. Hutchinson engineers the flexible joints and their receptacles based on customer specification. Design and fabrication are performed under strict quality assurance rules, using the highest quality materials. Hutchinson engineers are committed to assisting customers throughout their facilities development. The hardware includes also installation aids such as pulling heads and mock ups. Hutchinson technicians are often called upon to supervise installation of our equipment.