Antivibration mounts

Installation of Platform Deck by Floatover method

With more than 35 years experience in the complex business of providing flexible mounting systems for offshore equipment, Hutchinson Stop-choc has become the industry standard for this essential technology.

Whether you are mounting large turbine powered compressors, accommodation modules or smaller reciprocating equipment, the need to safely restrain the packages on the decks of fixed or floating platforms remains paramount. Allowing for the structural movements, thermal expansion and contraction and variable stiffness of foundation structures is the key function of this product.

With each system specifically designed to meet the demands of the installation, which can vary significantly from platform to platform or even from location to location on a common platform, our clients can be confident that their equipment will be secure and safe.

Whilst our product allows for the expansion & contraction and deck movements without transferring these significant loads to the equipment, our product also provides vibration isolation and an effective barrier to the path of structural borne noise. Coupled with the very low profile of our mount design and the short project time scales, this makes our product the first choice throughout the industry.


The load carrying elements are manufactured from a special grade of stainless steel and are unaffected by the extreme conditions seen in offshore applications. This gives them a useful maintenance free life of 25 years. These stainless steel load carrying elements have been specially developed over many decades to allow for extreme dynamic loads as seen during storm, emergency and transport conditions without damage or permanent deformation.

Our offshore department consists of a number of highly qualified engineers, a dedicated production facility, production management and project engineering team.

Along with our product we supply a full technical support service throughout the design stage, installation and during product usage. This includes a full data book and installation manual with every installation.

In addition to the mounting of the modules we also supply a full range of exhaust and pipe work anti-vibration mounting systems. These vibration isolation systems will allow for the expansion and contraction of the exhausts and pipe work without transfer of loading. In addition our specialist anti-vibration mounts provide an extremely effective thermal barrier, thus preventing hand rails, ladders and attachments from becoming dangerously hot.