Pamargan Flange Seals (PFS)

Product Characteristics

Pamargan Flange Seals (PFS) are rubber-to-metal bonded seals which replace existing gaskets with an enhanced sealing capability. They offer long term sealing performance and are reusable.

The PFS is particularly recommended in hot water, steam, gas, oil and chemical fluid transport systems where bolted flanges are used to connect pipework.

Hutchinson has developed compounds which can operate at temperatures from -30°C to 220°C. Tailor-made compounds can be developed on request.

Product Strengths

  • can easily replace existing gaskets on flat face, raised face and ring type flanges with no modifications needed to the flange.
  • can also be used on flanges which are damaged (corroded or scratched).
  • offers two lines of defence due to the dual profile of the rubber section to eliminate fugitive emissions.
  • quicker to assemble compared to existing gaskets.