Laminated Elastomeric Component

An engineered elastomer composite

A Laminated Elastomeric Component (LEC) is a multilayer elastomer/metal structure in which the rubber is bonded to the metal.

This multilayer structure is used to make a flexible connection adapted to the needs, while mastering required mechanical features.

Flat, cylindrical, spherical, annular or conical structures can be built according to the required function, the direction of forces, the required freedom of movement, the environment, the life duration...

Compression, shear forces under control

The principle of the LEC (refer to enclosed sketch) is to monitor the stiffness in one or more directions. The compression stiffness may be 10 to 10 000 times higher than the shear stiffness depending on the number of layers.

Elastomer compression and shear properties are suitable for guiding and mechanical articulations working with heavy duties.

Elastomeric systems designed for motion control, shock absorption, vibration and noise damping, fluid sealing are suitable for most stringent applications with severe duties. They may integrate multi-function applications.