Tensioning system

This system has been initially developed by TECHLAM for the connection of a Flexible Joint through a Receptacle. Three main parts compose this system:

The I-tube which is welded on a Receptacle, linked to a FPSO or a Buoy for instance,

The Connector which is a part of the Flexible Joint,

And, the Hydraulic Jacks which maintain the Connector inside the I-tube.

The Jacks act as a bolt tensioning tool with a locking mechanism. Indeed they apply a pre-tension on the Connector thanks to a hydraulic pump  (manual or electrical) and then, they are mechanically locked in position to maintain the pre-tension and the Connector in-place inside the Receptacle.

Example of connection sequence of an Export Line to a FPSO

  1. The Export Line is connected to the Pull In Line by the means of the Pulling Head. The pull in can start.
  2. The Flexible Joint is guided into the Receptacle.
  3. It gets in contact on the support face located in the Receptacle
  4. The four Jacks, part of the tensioning system, are tilted in order to get in contact on the Prestressring.
  5. The pressure of the four Jacks is then increased to produce the required pre-tension in the fitting, and locked in position.
  6. The Pulling Head is removed.
  7. The FPSO spool is finally connected to the Flexible Joint end flange.